ROM photos

we r wedding videographers, not wedding photographers
(but u may call me FLOtographer)

n today, i had to shoot (photos, not video) for alice n desmond.

here's alice (almost in wonderland)

i should learn how to use photoshop.

i swear photoshop is 69723568 times harder to master than FCP.


African Gray

7th month means no wedding shoots
(all our couples are of the 'pantan' sort)

so eil and i did wk(shoot/edit) for corporate clients instead.

here's one of the edit which we had done over the wkend.

sadly, the client (a certain handphone maker) had pulled the plug on the African Gray.

so..... only you guys would get to watch it. :)

(edited by 1st steps' 'niao ren' with the support of EC&P )

awards #1

if there ever was an award for couple most sighted at weddings, the award would have to go to Audrey and Justin.

we first met em at Jeannie n Kevin's (20th july)
followed by Gail n Vernon's (4th aug)
n lastly See Li n Tju Liang (18th sept)


i'm seeing them on a monthly basis. (i don't even meet up with my friends that frequently)


they seem to b attending as many weddings as we're shooting.


a huge thank you to Audrey and Justin.
they had played a role convincing Gail n Vernon and See Li n Tju Liang to invite us down for their special day.